#today is a daily exercise and experimental contribution to social and cultural conversations happening in social media spaces.

Trump’s second-class response to Hurricane Maria deepens the divide with Puerto Rico

The untold story of the movement launched when Kaepernick took a knee

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Why Christian Nationalists Love Trump

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Maxine Waters, patron saint of resistance politics

The myth of Republicans in Congress ‘pulling away from Trump’

America’s farmers are caught between the changing climate and Trump’s denial

How easy would it be to rig the next election?

States spend millions to drug test the poor, turn up few positive results

The dramatic discrepancy in coverage between the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments

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Each day in August and September 2017, I searched Associated Press' archives for images that corresponded to that date and posted to twitter. For me, these small interjections might raise questions about "hot take" culture, collective short term memory, and the role of news information in social media spaces.